Short talks wanted for June Hobart meeting

The June meeting is still a while off yet, but we thought we would try something a little bit different and have a bunch of short talks instead of the usual one or two longer talks.

Some suggestions for things people might want to talk about:

  • some project they are currently working on
  • a useful tool/application/distro they think others should know about
  • some useful tips/tricks
  • a general rant about some topic

Pretty much any topic semi-related to open source software, hardware, or culture would be welcome. If you have a topic you are a bit unsure about, feel free to run the idea by John… he’ll most likely say yes.

If you want to give a short talk, then please drop John a line letting him know the topic and how long you think your talk will be. Ideally we would like to keep talks between 2-10 minutes, but if you need more time let John know and we’ll see what we can schedule in.

We look forward to seeing what people come up with.