A number of TasLUG members can regularly be found hanging out and chatting on Matrix/IRC. If you are unable to make it to meetings, then joining the chat room is an easy way to still be part of the community.


Matrix is a federated chat protocol that runs over HTTP and provides support for writing bridges and bots to interact with other systems. Quite a few of the TasLUG members like it because:

  • It is a federated system which allows self-host servers and bridges.
  • It supports end-to-end encryption (in private chats and some rooms).
  • Has VoIP voice and video capabilities.
  • Can share images and links.
  • Bridges to OFTC, Libera.Chat, and other IRC networks.
  • Bridges to other chat platforms.
  • Has a number of different clients for various platforms.

The Element web client makes it very easy to join the TasLUG Matrix room using your browser.

There are also mobile clients available in the app store of your device (search for ‘Element IM’).


If members prefer the venerable IRC, then TasLUG also has a long running IRC channel (#taslug) hosted on the OFTC network. The TasLUG IRC channel is bridged with the Matrix TasLUG room so members can use their favourite IRC client to chat with everyone:

Connect to irc.oftc.net and join #taslug.