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Christopher Neugebauer | 2013/4/28 14:58:45 | 5 reads

We’re down to just over 20 early bird registrations left of our original quota of 80. That means that we’ll probably run out of Early Bird tickets before our deadline of Friday.

The big announcement to every mailing list I can think of will happen tomorrow, so today’s a great chance to to get in before the tickets suddenly disappear.

Early Bird Registrations start at $165 for individuals, with discount registration available for students at $44. All the details are at the PyCon Australia 2013 web site.

Christopher Neugebauer | 2013/4/6 9:48:05 | 7 reads

At the recent PyCon North America, I presented my lightning talk on coding in Python in a way that is sure to keep you employed.

This was my first time presenting in front of an audience of thousands (2500, I believe), but I’m pretty happy with how it went.

It’s embedded below, or it’s available over at YouTube.


Christopher Neugebauer | 2013/3/28 10:14:25 | 5 reads

Just a friendly reminder that PyCon Australia – running this year on July 5–7 in Hobart – has just opened Early Bird registrations. All details are on our website: http://2013.pycon-au.org/register/prices

Can’t wait to see you all register!

craige | 2013/1/20 22:11:27 | 12 reads

Hamish and I went kayaking today. We paddled out from Roaring Beach several K's to a beach he's never been to before. He had a ball. I took some amazing photos, videos and tracked it via Google Maps.

Except we caught a boomer of a wave in which broke on the back of the kayak seat which had a pocket containing my phone in a hitherto waterproof bag.

As a result I was later re-introduced to the age old formula:

salt + electricity = magic smoke

So all of that data was lost and I'm currently without a smartphone.  As Hamish said "How will you take photos and videos of me?". I'm more concerned about how I survive without constant Internet connectivity.

R.I.P. Google Nexus.

Now for the tough choice: Samsung Galaxy SIII or ASUS Padfone 2? I wonfer if I can boot Debian on either or them...

craige | 2013/1/18 21:38:58 | 291 reads

I picked a bad time to rebuild my laptop this week. I've been tracking Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) since it was frozen and using Enlightenment 0.17 (E17) for yonks. When I rebuilt my laptop, E17 was no longer available. The reason for the removal is essentially a result of the good news that a stable version of E17 has been released.

Hopefully the Debian Pkg-e Team will be able to build the entire suite of E17 modules to bring a complete E17 experience to Debian.

If you're not ready to run Debian unstable and would like E17 on Wheezy, you can run this command:

apt-get install e17 -t unstable

It's still version 0.16.999.70492-2 but it's better than no Enligtenment at all.

craige | 2013/1/15 20:21:44 | 26 reads

I've still got some Ubuntu servers in production that I've not transitioned back to Debian. One of them needed to be upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 but it would not recognise that a new release was available at all. Yep, nearly 12 months after 12.04 was released. It reported the following:

$ sudo do-release-upgrade
Checking for a new ubuntu release
No new release found

After some serious head scratching and giving Google a good work out, it turned out our hosting providers had kindly placed a proxy line in /etc/apt/apt.conf

Acquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy.engineroom.xxxxxx.xxx.xx:3128";

Once this was commented out, do-release-upgrade did it's thing. Broken upstream proxy, grumble grumble grumble

craige | 2013/1/17 22:01:41 | 7 reads

IMG_20130117_185108.jpg97.18 KB

Walking to my car this afternoon, I had the misfortune to find the naked body of a woman hanging from a tree:

More Hobart randomness.

craige | 2013/1/14 21:03:41 | 22 reads

The South Hobart tip-shop gods were smiling on me this afternoon. I went there after work to score a cabinet I'd seen the week before but in typical tip-shop fashion, good stuff goes fast and the cabinet was gone.

However for the last six months I'd been itching to move to a standing desk, with an eye on the AUD$28 IKEA conversion.The only catch being there is no IKEA in Tasmania, which until that point had been a good thing

Whilst I missed out on the cabinet the tip shop finally delivered on the standing desk. There was the equivilant of a lack side table for $5 but the real score was the Ergotron Neo-Flex® LCD & Laptop Lift Stand with a 20" DELL P2011H monitor still attached for $40:

Let's take a look at the savings here:

  • Ergotron Neo-Flex® LCD & Laptop Lift Stand- ~$330

  • DELL 20" P2011H monitor: ~$209

  • IKEA Lack side Table: ~$12

  • Total: $551

  • My Cost: $45

I took the lot home, plonked it an old table we'd had lying in a paddock for 10 months, bolted on an old sliding keyboard tray I had in the rubbish pile and voila!a standing desk is born:

Just had to clean the dust off and now I'm dancing while I hack. Happy days!

craige | 2013/1/9 17:55:43 | 9 reads

TasLUG have announced their Hobart meeting for January. Looks like there will be enough Raspberry Pi for everyone

Ladies and gentlemen, Happy New Year! Here's what we have in store for you at this month's TasLUG meeting in Hobart


  • 18:00 - early mingle, chin wagging, etc

  • 18:30 - Question and answer session, plus any lightening talks

  • 19:00 - Guest Speaker - Scott Bragg:
    Raspberry Pi Recipes (and other puns)
    The Pi has been selling like hot cakes. As long as you don't expect high performance, the R-Pi is a very versatile cheap Linux computer useful for all sorts of tasks. Although not comprehensive, I'll summarise the moving target of development and bugs in the platform (with a touch of discussion on how open the hardware is). I'll be giving an overview of the Pi's I've been baking, from a general purpose home file/print server, media player, serial and bluetooth datalogger, to NTP time source with a GPS Disciplined Oscillator. I'm sure a few TasLUGgers have also been quietly eating Pi, so will open the table so others can also share what they are doing with the Raspberry Pi.

  • 20:00 - Meeting end. Many people go to the Brunswick for dinner.

19th - Tim Serong with an introduction to OpenStack
3rd - Statewide meetup
19th - March meeting...your talk here?
23rd - Chris Neugebauer with an introduction to Python


craige | 2013/1/11 20:54:50 | 5 reads

IMG_20130111_181323.jpg2.68 MB

We awoke this morning to the surprise that Hebe had given birth during the night to a beautiful fawn crea:

Here's a short video of Hebe and her too cute to name yet crea: