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Posted by faulteh on 2014/3/27 23:15:20 (138 reads)

We're excited to tell you that fellow LUGgers Chris Neugebauer and Craige McWhirter have laid the groundwork to put in a bid to get Linux.conf.au back to Hobart for 2017!

Starting this year, Linux Australia started announcing the successful bids for future conferences on a two year cycle, so while we have plenty of time before an actual LCA would arrive in Hobart, we need to get our bid in now!

The intention to bid was announced on the Linux Australia mailing list here.

If you would like to help out by volunteering to be part of the bid team, and later to help bring about a successful conference, please get in contact with Chris - you will find his email in the above annoucement link, drop a note on the TasLUG mailing list or drop by our IRC channel #taslug on FreeNode.

Posted by craige on 2014/1/15 22:51:44 (211 reads)

TasLUG are happy to announce that registration is now open for CodeCon Tasmania 2014!

Coding, Camping, Collaborating

Head to the CodeCon website for more details, location and registration.

When: Friday, March 14th til Sunday, March 16th
Where: Buckland on the East coast of Tasmania (see Location page).

See you there!

16th - Hobart meeting - Craige McWhirter - An Introduction to OwnCloud 6 and Personal Deployment Strategies
25th - Launceston meeting - Phil will be giving a talk on the Free/Open Source corss-platform disk encryption software TrueCrypt!
20th - Hobart meeting - YOUR TALK HERE?
22nd - Launceston meeting
14th-16th - CodeCon Tasmania - camping and coding, see you there!
20th - Hobart meeting - YOUR TALK HERE?
29th - Launceston meeting
17th - Hobart meeting - YOUR TALK HERE?
26th - Launceston meeting
24th - Statewide Meet-up - Ross
20th - Software Freedom Day

Posted by craige on 2013/12/30 17:30:00 (324 reads)

As 2013 staggers to a close and we look forward to a brand new year, it's worth taking a moment to reflect upon the contributors to our community throughout the year. There's a list of this years talks and speakers below but first I'd like to provide some special mentions:

For the second year in a row, Chris Neugebauer and Josh Hesketh ran a highly successful PyconAu conference.
Linux Australia
Josh Hesketh was elected as president of Linux Australia
Python Software Foundation
Chris was elected to the Python Software Foundation
Statewide Meetup
Josh Bush organised the annual Statewide meetup which was held in Ross, with a number of talks and TasLUG folk showing off their work (recap)
Software Freedom Day
Both Hobart and Launceston (recap) held Software Freedom Day events

For the Hobart meetings, Scott Bragg introduced a quiz based upon the Linux Professional Institute exams and a news highlights segment that added depth to out meetings.

Thanks to everyone who participated in any shape or form this year - you all made it the great year it was.

2013 Hobart Talks:
January - Scott Bragg - Raspberry Pi Recipes (details)
February - Tim Serong - WTF is OpenStack (details)
March - Scott Bragg / Michael Cordover / Julius Roberts / Peter Lawler / - OS Wars, a series of short talks high lighting OpenBSD, Windows 7, OSX, Plan 9, Open Indiana. (details)
April - Chris Neugebauer - An Introduction to Python (details)
May - Scott Bragg - I Like Your Old Window Manager Better Than Your New One (details)
June - Julius Roberts - Why Ansible? Simplicity. Distributed (details)
July - Own Cloud Round Table - discussion on self-host cloud services and with OwnCloud (details)
August - Scott Bragg - Coding the KickSat: Using GNURadio for a crowd funded satellite (details)
September - Hacking for Freedom - TasLUG Sprint discussing and perhaps even making a start on contributing to a Free Software project of our choosing (details)
October - Matthew Oakes - Grok.art: Software Development and Creativity (details)
November - Josh Hesketh - Continuous integration testing against real datasets for Openstack (details)
December - End of Year Dinner - we headed to Hejos to see out the year.

2013 Launceston Talks:
January - Bob Mesibov gave an introduction to what he called, "CoPa Scripting"; the simple, yet powerful art of manipulating paste buffer contents before pasting to perform additional tasks such as creating a new file based on copied text, or removing hyphens and carriage returns from line-wrapped words (details)
February - Mike Cruseshowed off some of the locally designed and developed hardware and embedded software energy management/monitoring platforms developed by Definium Technologies, a recent recipient of support from the Federal Government's Clean Technologies Innovation Fund. (details)
March - Cheeseness gave a talk on cross-platform support in the "Humble Bundle" promotions. (details)
April - Attitude gave an introduction to the Free/Open Source point of sale suite uniCenta oPOS. (details)
May - Attitude gave a talk looking at comparisons of Linux Desktop Environments in a talk titled Objectively Choosing A Desktop Manager. (details)
June - Cheeseness gave a talk on what it takes to get an Oculus Rift head mounted display dev-kit behaving on Linux (details)
July - Attitude will be give an introduction to OpenGL, a cross platform, cross language API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics. (details)
August - Cheeseness gave a talk on using Blender's built in game engine to make a simple game, and also touched on the first person puzzle game Dance, which was made in Blender for the 7 Day FPS Challenge (details)
September - Cheeseness gave an introduction to the open source audio editor Audacity. (details)
October - Cheeseness gave a talk on D3, a Javascript visualisation library (details)
November - Mike Cruse showed off the Definium Monotreme, a locally designed and developed embedded Linux system intended to communicate with Building Automation Systems and building energy Management Systems to provide supervisory control and centralised data collection and analysis (details)
December - Cheeseness demonstrated how to use Blender to create a custom ball for the Free/Open Source Game Neverball (details)

Posted by Cheeseness on 2013/5/3 19:35:56 (522 reads)

Wow, time moves quickly!

For anybody who needs a reminder, we've got out second ever TasLUG statewide gathering happening at the Ross Town Hall this weekend.

This is a chance for people from all around the state to come together and get to know/share knowledge with other Free/Open Source Software enthusiasts. People are encouraged to bring along a machine or a laptop or a mobile device or whatever's applicable to share with the community the sort of things they do with Free/Open Source Software.

Saturday May 4th
Ross Town Hall

Our rough schedule looks something like this:
* 10:00pm - 12:00pm: Mill around, get to know each other, show off any gear/projects we may have brought with us
* 12:00pm - 1:00pm: Break for lunch
* 1:00pm - 1:30pm: Housekeeping/Statewide committee stuff
* 1:30pm - 3:00pm: Presentations/lightning talks for anybody who wants to give one
* 3:30pm - 4:00pm: Pack up
* 4:00pm onwards: Go home/BBQ/whatever anybody is up for

Google Maps link

Hope to see everybody there!

Posted by Cheeseness on 2013/5/3 19:35:40 (327 reads)

Nominations for the statewide commitee have been received and we now have a poll up to confirm the uncontested positions and collect votes on the remaining ones.

The following positions were uncontested:
* President: Craige McWhirter (ruagair)
* Treasurer: Scott Bragg (mrfaulteh)
* Media Muse: Mathew Oakes

Congratulations to Craige, Scott and Mathew.

Nominees for the two remaining "Community Champion" positions are:
* Scott Bragg (mrfaulteh)
* Scott Evans (VK7HSE)
* Chris Neugebauer (chrisjrn)
* Tim Serong (tserong)

The poll can be found here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GC7TKRZ

To reduce the impact of spam/duplicate votes, we are asking people to provide an email address that is associated with a TasLUG website account, or a TasLUG mailing list subscription (both are worth having anyway, and signup links can be found on this site). These email addresses will not be used for anything other than removing invalid/duplicate votes. Addresses will also not be associated with votes and the data will be destroyed at the end of the poll.

Many thanks to "returning officer" bleeter for coordinating this!

Please discuss further on the mailing list or in the forums.

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