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Posted by Czaxx on 2006/8/24 17:22:14 (1304 reads)

Hi All,

Just a quick update on SFD (16/9). The venue for Hobart's event will be the Wesely Church hall (56 Melville St, Hobart). We'll have giveaways, interactive displays, competitions and prizes - so it should be a fun day for all!

Other events around the State will be held in Launceston, Penguin, Devonport (Mersey Bluff BBQ area) and Queenstown (Queenstown Online Access Centre. Driffield Street). Check out the SFD website for more details of events in your area.

I'll be doing a F/LOSS talkback on ABC local radio from 10am on the day - so you can call in with your F/LOSS questions!

If you have any suggestions for the events there's a thread in the forum for your suggestions.



Posted by Czaxx on 2006/8/2 18:21:34 (1280 reads)

Hi all,

Unfortunately our bid to host LCA2008 was unsuccessful, however Melbourne will undoubtably put on a great conf in 2008!

I reckon we'll be putting in a bid for 2009 to bring LCA to Tassie, so get thinking about what sort of things we can do.

Thanks go to the Hobart bid team for all their hard work and a special mention must go to Allison Williams from the Tas Conventions Bureau who gave us so much help in putting together the bid.

Now its on to putting on a fantastic SFD and with 4 teams registered in Tassie, its looking pretty big!

Here's the repost of the announcement from the LA list:


Congratulations to Donna Benjamin and Team Mel8ourne! In 2008
linux.conf.au will return to the city where CALU kicked off the whole
LCA phenomenon.

The decision this year was really tough with very well presented bids
from both Melbourne and Hobart. Both proposals contained a lot of flair,
and Hobart as a potential destination was definitely a big drawcard for
many people. In the end though the LA Committee felt that the Melbourne
team's plans were more well developed, and with Donna's enthusiasm and
organisational ability there is no doubt that they will pull off an
absolutely awesome conference in 2008.

The Mel8ourne website is at http://www.mel8ourne.org/

Posted by Czaxx on 2006/7/24 16:33:57 (1368 reads)

Hi All,

This month's meeting will be a social meet - downstairs at Bridie O'reilly's 7:30pm on the 27th July. Come and join us for a few quiet brews and some linuxy talk :)



Posted by Czaxx on 2006/6/30 17:58:28 (1507 reads)

Hi All,

Well after a lot of hard work, the LCA2008 bid document is in.

It can be found here for your viewing pleasure. A more comprehensive website will be put up later.

EDIT: The website is up! it can be accessed HERE

Thanks go to Leah Duncan, Garry Harradence, Andrew McGown and Michael Emery for making this happen.



Posted by Czaxx on 2006/6/26 13:15:56 (1277 reads)

Hi All,

The TasLUG June meeting will be held on the Thursday 29th June 7:30pm, upstairs at Bridie O'Reilly's.

I'll be giving a presentation on IP, the FTA and competition (I promise it won't be too lawyery :) ) and answer some questions on IP and the FTA. We'll also have some updates on the LCA2008 bid and software freedom day and our usual q & a sessions.


Ben (IANAL ..... yet)

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