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Posted by Cheeseness on 2013/9/21 8:12:17 (419 reads)

Happy Software Freedom Day! Don't forget to drop by our events in Hobart and Launceston and say hi!

For this month's meeting, we'll be taking a look at the open source audio editor Audacity.

Saturday 27th July
Royal Oak

As usual, some of us will be meeting for lunch beforehand at 1:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

Google Maps Link

Audacity Website

Next Hobart meeting: 6:00pm October 17th (grok.art programming and creativity)
Following Launceston meeting: 2:00pm October 26th (Topic TBC)

Posted by craige on 2013/9/13 7:43:47 (407 reads)

Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software. Local teams from all over the world are organising events on 21 September.

Our Hobart SFD wiki page is here. The Launceston page is over there.

For this year's Software Freedom Day, our Hobart based team is showcasing some of the finest Free and Open Source Software that we can find. Specifically we'll be providing demonstrations on security your privacy online with Free Software and running a Free Software development session.

"Software Freedom Day is an opportunity to explore, discover and collaborate"

For advanced people it is our intention to make improvements to ownCloud,the Free Software cloud solution.

For those of us with an interest productivity, we're running introductions to writing python and javascript macros in LibreOffice.

We will also be demonstrating several Free Software distributions that demonstrate software from the categories:

  • Media
  • Home/Business
  • Productivity
  • Games
  • Operating Systems

The spirit of Free Software is community, and we feel that Software Freedom Day represents a way of building a stronger community both globally and locally.

Location: Chapel Room, New Sydney Hotel, 87 Bathurst St, Hobart (use the side entrance prior to 12:00PM).

Google Maps Link (http://goo.gl/maps/Ht5bE)

We are currently looking for volunteers who will be available between 10:00am and 4:00pm on the 21st of September. Anyone wanting to help out in other ways will be more than welcome.

Posted by craige on 2013/9/11 17:38:26 (352 reads)

Welcome to September! I trust you've all recovered from the Federal Election DERP and have your eyes firmly on Software Freedom Day which is less than two weeks away. Here's what's on this month:

When: Thursday, September 19th, 18:00 for an 18:30 start
Where: 69 Liverpool St, Hobart. (Map)


  • 18:00 - early mingle, chin wagging, etc
  • 18:30 - Question and
    answer session, new Hobart meeting venue, Internet privacy discussion
  • 19:00 - Hacking
    for Freedom: A TasLUG Sprint

    As a prelude to Software Freedom Day, we'll be discussing and perhaps even making a start on contributing to a Free Software project of our choosing.

    ownCloud has been touted as one project to work on, to help those who
    want an NSA free cloud.

    LibreOffice has also been floated as another option, particularly as a demo for writing python / javascript macros.

    If you're looking to get a start in contributing to Free Software, this night will be a great opportunity.

    If you're an experienced hacker, you can provide mentoring and leadership to those following in your footsteps.

    If like me, you can't programme your way out of a paper if statement, it's great learning opportunity.

  • 20:00 - Meeting end. Many people go to the Brunswick for dinner.

21st - Software Freedom Day - Hobart and Launceston events
28th - Launceston meeting
17th - Matthew Oakes - grok.art programming and creativity
26th - Launceston meeting
21st - Josh Hesketh - Continuous integration testing against real datasets for Openstack
30th - Launceston meeting
12th - Hobart Christmas Party

Posted by Cheeseness on 2013/9/4 20:31:42 (364 reads)

Wow, is it that time already?

Software Freedom Day is falling on the 21st of September this year, and it looks like we'll be having events in both Launceston and Hobart (if anybody else is running one, please let us know)!

In Launceston, we'll be trying a new venue this year, coming together between 10am and 4pm at the Launceston Bowls Club on Home Point Parade near the Seaport.

Hope to see you there!

Google maps link: http://goo.gl/maps/jWkOa

Posted by Cheeseness on 2013/8/26 18:16:27 (446 reads)

G'day all

This month, we'll be taking a look at using Blender's built in game engine to make a simple game, and also touch on the first person puzzle game Dance, which was made in Blender for the 7 Day FPS Challenge.

Saturday 31st August
Royal Oak

As usual, some of us will be meeting for lunch beforehand at 1:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

Google Maps Link

Blender Website
Dance on the 7DFPS Website

Next Hobart meeting: 6:00pm September 19th (Topic TBC)
Software Freedom Day: 21st September (Launceston and Hobart events)
Following Launceston meeting: 2:00pm September 28th (Topic TBC)

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