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Posted by Cheeseness on 2014/6/20 23:47:53 (177 reads)

G'day all

For this month's Launceston meeting, Phil will be giving us an introduction to NAS4Free, a BSD licenced fork/continuation of FreeNAS.

Saturday 28th June
Royal Oak

As usual, some of us will be meeting for lunch beforehand at 1:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

Google Maps Link

NAS4Free Website
Gov Hack 2014: June 11-13th (Hobart venue)
OpenStack 4th Birthday: June 17th (RSVP here: http://taslug-openstack.eventbrite.com.au/ )
Next Launceston meeting: 2:00pm July 26th (Topic TBC)

Posted by faulteh on 2014/6/11 16:06:30 (293 reads)

Welcome to June. Yep. short days... stout beers. And source. LOTS OF SOURCE! I'm in the
middle of my exam session at uni so won't have time to prepare the usual slides and news
this month.

When: Thursday, June 19th, 18:00 for an 18:30 start
Where: Upstairs, Hotel Soho, 124 Davey St, Hobart.


18:00 - early mingle, chin wagging, discussion and install issues etc

19:00 - Trevor Walkley - aptosid fullstory

    This months talk will be given by Trevor Walkley, an aptosid
    dev,(bluewater on IRC), on building an iso using aptosid fullstory
    scripts which are currently held on github (and the 'how to do it' is
    not well known).

    A live build will take place (hopefully debian sid will cooperate on the
    night) followed by a live installation of the build to the famous milk
    crate computer belonging Scott, (faulteh on IRC).

20:00 - Meeting end. Dinner and drinks are available at the venue during the meeting.

We will probably get to a discussion on the Hobart LCA 2017 bid, ideas for upcoming
Software Freedom Day in September, Committee nomination and voting,
so our pre-talk discussion should be packed full of jam.

Also in June:
28th - Launceston meeting
11-13th - Gov Hack 2014 - There's at least a Hobart venue for this event.
17th - OpenStack 4th Birthday - RSVP here: http://taslug-openstack.eventbrite.com.au/
20th - Software Freedom Day - events in Hobart and Launceston

Posted by Cheeseness on 2014/5/28 22:34:43 (310 reads)

G'day all

For this month's Launceston meeting, we'll be taking a look at a simple GPL3 licenced browser based transcription aid called Transcriberer.

Saturday 31st May
Royal Oak

As usual, some of us will be meeting for lunch beforehand at 1:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

Google Maps Link

Transcriberer on GitHub
Next Hobart meeting: 6:00pm June 19th (Topic TBC)
Following Launceston meeting: 2:00pm June 28th (Topic TBC)

Posted by faulteh on 2014/5/28 15:28:14 (312 reads)

If you would like to serve software freedom in Tasmania and help promote FOSS and Linux please consider nominating yourself or someone you think would be a great asset. As a subcommittee of Linux Australia, the committee workload is not excessive but there are plenty of opportunites for TasLUG to grow over the next year.

The five positions that need filling are:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Media Muse
  • Community Champions (2x)

Returning Officer:

It would be great if someone could put their hand up to be the returning officer for this election process. The returning officer is responsible for ensuring that this nomination and election process is fair and transparent by:

  • Tracking nominations and acceptances on the TasLUG list.          
  • Following up privately any nominations not responded to on the list
  • Running a public poll

The returning officer is appointed by the committee. Please email the mailing list or Scott Bragg if you'd like to do this for us.


  • Nominations:
    • Open 09:00 EST, Monday June 2nd, 2014
    • Close 23:59 EST, Sunday June 29th, 2014 (3 weeks later)
  • Voting:
    • Open 09:00 EST Monday June 30th, 2014
    • Close 23:59 EST Sunday July 13th, 2014
  • Results:
    • Announced Online Monday July 14th 2014

  • Committee:
    • You are on the TasLUG list or
    • You have an account on the TasLUG website
    • Must be a Tasmanian resident
  • Voting:
    • You are on the TasLUG list or
    • You have an account on the TasLUG website

  • Voting/Nominating: Email address will be a required field for cross-verification
  • The committee can review and loosen / tighten this procedure in future as seen fit.  

Cc: TasLUG Chat Mailing List, TasLUG Website (News and Forums), IRC #taslug@Freenode, Twitter, Facebook

Further requests for information can be directed to me for now until a returning officer is appointed.

Scott Bragg
ph: 0410 161 638
email: jsbragg@scriptforge.org

Posted by faulteh on 2014/5/3 14:50:34 (273 reads)

Hello LUGgers!

It's May! That means... Winter is Coming... It's time for TasLUG's annual state-wide meetup in Ross. It's a great time where warriors defending the wall in the North, and houses from Kings Landing come together to defeat the Wildlings... no wait...

WHEN: Saturday 24th May 2014, 10am to 6pm
WHERE: Ross Town Hall map link

This is a great opportunity for those who have come to TasLUG in the past to take a drive in the country to the idyllic town of Ross and meet up with those on the other side of the state.

Bring your FOSS gear - PCs or embedded stuff that you've been working on. Bring what makes you log on to your Linux machines each day and tell us all about it. For those who have given a presentation to either the Hobart or Launceston meetings in the past 12 months, you may be called upon to give an encore performance to tell the rest of the state what you've been up to.

At the meetup we will also be opening nominations for positions on the TasLUG committee for the next year, so here's your chance to get involved to keep TasLUG going, and to meet people from across the state who would like to help out.

There will also be some time set aside for discussion of upcoming events - GovHack (June), Openstack Birthday Meetup (July), and Software Freedom Day (August). We would like many of you to get involved as there's some organising to do and we need your ideas!

There will be tea and coffee available at the venue. The laid back atmosphere means you could also take some time out exploring the town and it's charms - there are some eclectic antique stores nearby (no vintage PCs though!), and perhaps get some lunch at the local pub.
Hope to see many of you there!!

There is no Hobart meetup this month to encourage as many as possible to make it instead to this statewide meetup. If you need a lift out there, get in contact with us - you could try the TasLUG mailing list (taslug-chat@taslug.org.au) or our IRC channel (#taslug on Freenode) to help find someone to give you a ride.

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