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TasLUG : Second Annual TasLUG Statewide Gathering!
Posted by Cheeseness on 2013/3/5 23:40:21 (348 reads)

Hi all! It's nearly time again for the (now) Annual Statewide TasLUG Gathering, and what better way to announce it than with a block of where/when followed by a bunch of bulleted lists!

4th May
10:00am - 4:00pm

Google Maps Link

Building on from last year's event, the Statewide Gathering will be a chance for:
* Everybody to bring along something that shows off stuff that do with Free/Open Source Software (everything is interesting - especially uninteresting stuff)
* Free Software enthusiasts from across the state to catch up and get to know each other
* TasLUG communities to plan for Software Freedom Day 2013

We're also planning to have:
* Best of TasLUG talks - a recap of favourite talks from the past year (we'll have a poll up soon)
* A lightning talks session allowing people to briefly present the stuff they've brought along
* A TasLUGer(s) of the year acknowledgment, recognising people within our community who do worthwhile things

Also on the cards is:
* Finishing up early and having a BBQ
* A brainstorming session for possible collaborative hardware/software projects that could involve people across the state

Anybody who has goodies (stickers) or paraphernalia (stickers) that they want to share around (stickers), feel free to bring them. Somebody has requested stickers (stickers).

Hope to see you there!

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Posted: 2013/3/6 7:30  Updated: 2013/3/6 7:30
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 Re: Second Annual TasLUG Statewide Gathering!
Did someone say stickers, I will be there for sure! I will bring along with me some of the things that I have been playing with recently