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     Configuration setting help required
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Posted on: 2012/4/1 11:29
Just popping in
Joined: 2012/4/1
From: Sandy Bay
Posts: 1
Configuration setting help required
Just registered today, although have been dabbling with LINUX for some time. Have wanted to ditch WINDOWS for a long time, and tried several LINUX distros, but some glitch when trying to run installed applications, seems to put me off long term use, every time ....

Have recently re-istalled Debian GNU/Linux V 5.0 (lenny) on an older Dell Optiplex 2.8 gHz system, with KDE desktop option. Installation went fine, but some "components" do not appear to work "out of the box" .....

Konquerer & Kmail, once configured, work OK, but IceWeasel & IceDove with same configuration settings do not run ....
(Java within Konqueror on some web pages does not appear to "work")

Although the installation included OpenOffice V2.4, and worked OK, I wanted to upgrade to V3.0.
I was able to use Kpackage successfully, to Uninstall V2.4 and install V3.0, but will not run, and OpenOffice help file not available (?)

Would also like to be able to configure and run Kpackage to get updated (and working ?) versions online from web (SourceForge or similar or local mirror site)

I believe that these are only configuration settings (?) problems.

Any assistance appreciated.

Posted on: 2012/4/3 8:10
Joined: 2007/12/21
Posts: 103
Re: Configuration setting help required
Hi Ian,
Welcome to Taslug and the forums. I can remember the day that I stop using M$ windoze, no more duel boots, no more "I keep that machine in the corner just in case", a great day. I have been running Debian now for about five or six year exclusively. Most installs I have done I use Gnome. Sometimes I use XFCE and others LXDE. I mainly use these when the computer is perhaps a little under powered for Gnome.

As I read through your post, I did notice a few things. The first is that you have installed Lenny. The version Lenny is not the current version. Debian has about a 2 year release cycle. The current version Squeeze went stable(released for general use) in February 2011. That means that Lenny was released sometime back in 2009. On the website Debian have announced that they are no longer providing security updates for Lenny.


If you switch to Squeeze, then you will find that the version of Open Office that comes with Squeeze is 3.2.1. I have done many installs of Squeeze now, and I have not had any trouble with Open Office "out of the box". What yo might find is that if you are trying to install version 3 onto Lenny, then you might not have all of the dependencies correct, and that is why it is not working for you. Debian make available repositories for each release. These repos have versions of software that have been tested and work with the version. Because of Debian's two year release cycle, there are very few bugs in the repos(lots of time for testing and making sure that it all works). I would suggest until you are comfortable with the way that things work, just stick with the versions of software that come in the repos for your version.

Without seeing configuration information, the reason that IceWeasel(Firefox) and IceDove(Thunderbird) are not working is puzzling. I have not had any trouble with either of these applications. I would try oping a html file on your computer with IceWeasel to see if that will load correctly. If it does, then it is just your configurations. If you can not open a local file, then IceWeasel might be broken.

As I do not use KDE, I am not familiar with Kpackage. I use apt at the terminal, and synaptic within XWindows. SorceForge is not a repo, so I know that you can not configure apt to point at SourceForge, so I would suspect that the same would be true of Kpackage. Again, you might find that you keep running into trouble using software from SourceForge if you are not sure about what you are doing. I do regularly get software from SourceForge. It is a great place to find good stuff. I have had plenty of sucesses as well as plenty of failures.

Let us know how you get on with this. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

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